Masterclass Men: Nick Pinsker

Masterclass Men: Nick Pinsker

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We connected with Nick Pinsker (@thekingof5thave) several months ago on Instagram – after coming across his account, we were immediately struck with his sharp style and his obvious love for New York City. We recently sat down with Nick and learned more about his story, his style, and some of his favorite places in NYC.

Nick x NYC

Nick Pinsker x Masterclass Apparel Instagram Style

Originally from right outside of New York City, Nick moved into the city almost 5 years ago and has never looked back. His apartment is conveniently located in vibrant Chelsea, and he loves to hang out in Sutton Place Park, the Highline, and Chinatown. He enjoys exploring the city and discovering new places.

Instagram Style

Nick Pinsker x Masterclass Apparel Instagram Style

Growing up with a mother who works at Bloomingdale's, fashion has always been a big part of Nick’s life and he has developed a strong sense of personal style. Nick’s social media star is definitely on the rise and he’s gaining more likes and followers with every post. Nick attributes his Instagram fame to his photographic style, which became more crisp and dynamic over time. We are big fans of his lifestyle photos and Nick’s aesthetic is definitely unique. 

Keeping up Appearances

Nick Pinsker x Masterclass Apparel Instagram Style

Nick doesn’t stress out too much about his fitness routine. Instead of focusing on the specific exercises or classes, he likes to find ways to incorporate activity into his daily life. Recently, Nick and a friend walked to Coney Island from his Chelsea apartment, covering more than 20 miles! He got his workout in while hanging out with one of his favorite people and exploring different neighborhoods in NYC. In addition, Nick tries to eat clean and healthy most of the time, and hopes to make food a bigger part of his Instagram portfolio.

Looking Forward

Nick currently has his hands full, juggling his career in finance and his growing involvement with fashion. Going forward, Nick hopes to collaborate with more menswear designers as well as restaurants and coffee shops in the city. Travel and travel photography is another area that Nick is excited about exploring. We can’t wait to see how Nick’s photography and lifestyle content evolves in the future. Check out Nick at


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